C. David Heymann


Clemens Claude Oscar Heymann was born in Manhattan on 14th January, 1945. A member of a German-Jewish family he earned a bachelor’s degree in hotel administration from Cornell University in 1966, followed by a master of fine arts from the University of Massachusetts in 1969.

Heymann then attended the State University of New York where he carried out a detailed study of Ezra Pound. During this period he used the Freedom of Information Act, to gain access to previously classified files from the Federal Bureau of Investigation documenting Pound’s pro-Fascist activities during theSecond World War. This material was used in his first published work, Ezra Pound, the Last Rower: A Political Profile (1976).

In 2009 Heymann published his most controversial book, Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story, in which Heymann argued that Jacqueline Kennedy had an affair with her brother-in-law Robert F. Kennedy after her husband’s assassination. This book received a great deal of criticism. Elaine Woo of the Los Angeles Times has argued: "Though some critics gave Heymann points for assiduous research and engrossing subject matter, others found major flaws, including his reliance on single sources giving accounts of important events they did not witness and on sources who could not be questioned because they were dead."Margalit Fox, writing in the New York Times, has pointed out: "Though some critics admired Mr. Heymann’s biographies for their comprehensiveness, others were far more caustic. Their concerns included his use of single rather than multiple sources in reconstructing historical events, and his reliance on hearsay accounts by people not directly involved in incidents he was describing."