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Daniel Simone

Daniel Simone is a specialist in the genre of narrative non-fiction. In his upcoming book, The Lufthansa Heist, a collaborative effort with the late Henry Hill, Simone’s expertise erupts in a fast-galloping, dramatic style, spinning cinematic, true-to-life sequences while subtly depicting its roster of colorful characters, a mix of psychotics, illiterates, and sociopaths. The Lufthansa Heist, will be published by Lyons Press in early spring 2015. It will be available in hard cover, ebook form, and audio CD.

Since 2005, a collection of Mr. Simone’s writings have been published in several weekly and monthly magazines with circulations in New York City and Long Island regions. These features are interviews and synoptic biographies of film, theatre celebrities, and famous novelists.  


Lorrie Sanchez & Carol K. Blank


Lorrie Sanchez launched Utterly Global as a grassroots anti-bullying campaign in her hometown of Cranford, NJ, after learning that a local boy was being bullied in school each day. Her proactive efforts sparked a district-wide initiative and resulted in the creation of Utterly Global, a company dedicated to eliminating bullying through the development of research-based products and professional development tools for educators. Lorrie attended Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Newark and is a graduate of the Entrepreneurial Pioneers Initiative

Carol Blank has been an educator for over thirty years. She attended the University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain. She received a Bachelor of Arts from American University, Washington, D.C. and a Master of Arts in Student Personnel Services from Kean University, Union, NJ. She holds NJ State Certification as a teacher, school social worker, guidance counselor and home instructor. She is I-Safe certified and has received special training in bullying prevention and intervention. Her work in the area of bullying over the past ten years includes conducting workshops for parents and school personnel, directing student seminars and activities, developing bullying prevention programs and providing consultation services for various school districts in the area of bullying prevention and developing anti-bullying initiatives.




Robin Moore


Robert Moore, Jr. is most known for his books The Green BeretsThe French Connection: A True Account of Cops, Narcotics, and International Conspiracy and, with Xaviera Hollander and Yvonne Dunleavy, The Happy Hooker: My Own Story.

Moore also co-authored the lyrics for the "Ballad of the Green Berets", which was one of the major hit songs of 1966. The song was also featured in the 1968 film The Green Berets based on Moore's book which starred John Wayne. A new edition of The Green Berets was published in April 2007 and his last book, Wars of the Green Berets, co-authored with Col. Mike 'Doc' Lennon, was released in June 2007.


Diana Oswald


Debutantes luxuriates in this dazzling tradition--when the golden age of high-fashion and high-society converged, and glamour was born. A debutante's dress is anything but a minor detail, and this sumptuous volume delights in one stunning look after another: lace bodices and silver sequins by Chanel; Vionnet's luxurious silk brocades; the signature white satin gloves and ubiquitous feathers of the '30s; fluid frocks by Schiaparelli; the heiress-worthy designs of Claire McCardell and Valentina, especially popular with the ladies of the Whitney and Vanderbilt families; tulle and chiffon gowns by Dior and Mainbocher; sleek, one-shoulder styles by Norman Norell; not to mention the one-of-a-kind, custom-made gowns donned by countless celebutantes, such as Jackie Kennedy and Brenda Frazier (whose custom, strapless frock earned her the cover of Life magazine). Debutantes celebrates the timeless tradition with gorgeous photography from high-society and fashion documenters, such as Cecil Beaton, Toni Frissell, and Slim Aarons, as well as never-before-published pictures culled from personal collections. Traversing winter cotillions at the Waldorf, summer coming-out soirees in Newport, and bourgeois banquets in Paris, Debutantes marries high fashion and society with an eternal allure to be coveted by all ages.

Diana Oswald has spent over two decades working with publications such as Marie Claire, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Elle, and Domino.


Ian Williams


Ian Williams is from Liverpool, and his variegated career has ranged from a  drinking competition with Chinese Premier Chou En Lai and arguing English Literature with Mme Mao, to speechwriting for then British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock. .Liverpool is of course an historical seaport which helps explain  why he admits that his career has been all at sea for most of his life, which is why he is now drifting into various ports to talk about the role of Rum in history.

His fourth book is Rum: a Social and Sociable history of the Real Spirit of 1776, on the forgotten role of Rum in World History is Ian’s fourth book It won glowing reviews from the Washington Post to the New Statesman and even in wine and spirit and restaurant publications. It is on the shelf of most of the most eminent mixologists across the world.

He has written about rum for the Guardian, Financial Times, Cigar Aficionado, Carib News, Carib Impact, and Maxim magazine among other publications and has spoken about its developmental importance at several Caribbean conferences. He appears frequently on shows ranging from PBS to Fox and the BBC.

His speeches on various aspects of rum go down very well with audiences, not least because they usually go down with copious samples of the subject in hand. From the launch at the former US Coast Guard HQ on Governors Island in New York harbour, he has spoken at venues ranging from the Caribbean to New  York, such as the Yale Club, Fraunces Tavern and South St Seaport museum to the New York St George's Society Trafalgar Day commemoration – and of course Rum Fests from London, St Lucia, to New York and Tampa.


Denise LeFrak Calicchio 


Denise LeFrak Calicchio, real estate maven, mother, wife, philanthropist, and author, began working professionally in real estate in 1986. Born into a prominent real estate family, she worked in the family business, the LeFrak Organization, for several years before joining Sotheby’s as a specialist in Manhattan real estate 1991. As a young girl, Denise's father Samuel LeFrak would take her and her siblings to development sites where her fascination with buildings and their tenants was first set in motion. l‘Samuel LeFrak was my mentor," she has said. "He was a visionary and a genius." A deep-rooted love of real estate has remained a constant passion throughout her life.

Denise's many interests include charitable and cultural pursuits. She was a Trustee of Marymount College for 15 years and has served on a wide variety of committee and boards including the Women's Bank Advisory Board, The Metropolitan Museum's Chairman's Council, the Executive Board of The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, the board of the Cancer Research and Treatment Fund, and Long Island University. An art enthusiast and collector, she travels extensively with the Guggenheim Museum and she has been the Co-Chair of the Patron's Circle of the Guggenheim since 2000. Denise is also on the Contemporary Art Council at the Museum of Modern Art and serves on its nominating committee Selecting future members.

Denise has co-written two books, each offering a look at iconic NYC real estate from an insider's view. High Rise, Low Down, written with her friends Eunice David and Kathryn Livingston, tells the story of 30 ofthe most important residential buildings in NYC, their social history, architecture, and a roster of residents past and present. Her second book, Rooftop Gardens, written with Roberta Amon, focuses on the hidden jewels of NYC outdoor spaces. In addition, she was the inspiration for the 1963 hit song Denise by Randy & the Rainbows.


Michael Takiff


Oral historian and journalist Takiff (Brave Men, Gentle Heroes) offers a wealth of perspective to counter-or at least complicate-the prevailing, and simplistic, image many people hold of America's 42nd president, despite two prosperous terms and a decade of post-White House foreign relations work. Somewhat predictably, Takiff begins with Clinton's birth to a recently widowed mother in Hope, Ark. and ends, more or less, with wife Hillary Rodham Clinton's failure to win the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008. Throughout, Clinton's life is addressed by those who knew him, loved him, or, in some cases, loathed him. Chapters are introduced with snippets of conversation and deepened by excerpts of interviews, many of which Takiff conducted himself, with a wide range of people, from unknown residents of Hope to Bob Dole, Michael Dukakis, Tom Brokaw, Clinton staff members Leon Panetta, Dan Glickman, and Charlene Barshefsky, and many others. The author places everything in context and provides sufficient history to tell the full story, resulting in a book that reads like a conversation between 150 people gathered to reminisce about a complicated man. 


Lou Sahadi

Lou Sahadi is one of the country's most prolific sports authors with his latest published one, "Affirmed" being his 25th tome. Among his other celebrated ones are the autobiographies of Don Shula; Willie Mays; Hank Stram Len Dawson and the intimate biography of Johnny Unitas which had a movie option Since l990, Sahadi has been a productive free lance writer after serving as the last editor of Argosy magaizne, a men's adventure and expose chronicle which broke several national stories under his three year tenure as director.

Along with his books, his articles have appeared in the New York News; New York Post; Miami Herald; The State (SC); US and Gear magazines as well as being a frequent contributor to Penthouse magazine. His article on Phil Rizzuto (May 1993) was acclaimed by Larry King in his USA Today column and spearheaded Rizzuto's induction into baseball's Hall of Fame the very next year. Among his other Penthouse submissions included such sports personalities as Darryl Strawberry; Dave Parker; Jeff George and a one-on-one interview with Frank Sinatra.

Sahadi's versatility was evident in November 2000 when he made his entrance into the television media. He wrote a treatment regarding the 30th anniversary of the Marshall University football plane crash which remains as the biggest sports tragedy in U.S. history. The one-hour spoecial on ESPN aired several times. A disciplined and dedicated writer, Sahadi has been successful in all facets of the communication industry, newspapers, magazines, books and television.

Lou Sahadi is a successful sports author who has written many books on various sports. Sahadi currently resides in Boca Raton, Florida and is a dedicated library patron.


Michael Alexiades


Michael Alexiades, a celebrated orthopedic surgeon by day,is now an author by night. He has turned his passion for detail to his riveting first novel, Night Harvest. From the Armani clothing that he sports, to the Ducati motorcycles he rides and the mastiffs he raises, no description is too small or unimportant for this lifelong New Yorker. The enthusiasm for thoroughness has made Dr. Alexiades not only an renowned orthopedic surgeon, but also an exhilarating first time author.

Dr. Alexiades was born and raised in New York to Greek immigrants. His parents stressed the importance of study and hard work and this emphasis inspired Dr. Alexiades' strong work ethic and his devotion to medicine. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Biology and four years later, he earned his M.D. from Cornell University where he is currently on the medical faculty. Dr. Alexiades is an attending orthopedic surgeon at three premier New York City Hospitals--Hospital for Special Surgery, New York Presbyterian, Lenox Hill Hospital --specializing in knee and hip operations. He has received national attention on the CBS TV program, The Doctors, for his anterior hip replacement surgery, which shortens the recovery time.


David Wallace

David Wallace is a nationally known writer whose writing has been praised as “inspired” by The New York Times and who was hailed by famed columnist Liz Smith as “the maestro of entertainment history.” 

His books include “Capital of the World - A Portrait of New York in the 1920s” (Globe/Pequod, 2011), praised by The New York Times as “compelling and appealing…[an] engaging recounting of the era.”  Other works include “A City Comes Out - How Celebrities Made Palm Springs a Gay and Lesbian Paradise” (Barricade); “Exiles in Hollywood” (Limelight), of which columnist Liz Smith wrote: “People who love the saga that is Hollywood will find this book irresistible... Wallace’s work is valuable and riveting;” “Dream Palaces of Hollywood’s Golden Age” (Abrams), which Vanity Fair called “vibrant … an all‑access tour of (Hollywood’s) fabulous homes, hotels, restaurants, and theaters from the 1920s to the 1940s,” and “Malibu, A Century of Living by the Sea” (Abrams), for which Wallace contributed a 10,000 word history of the resort.

Other works include “Lost Hollywood” (St. Martin’s), an anecdote driven history of the film capital’s golden years, and its sequel “Hollywoodland” (St. Martin’s), both of which were optioned in 2014 by a major Hollywood studio for a TV series.

He has also edited, rewritten, or completely written a number of books for others.  Among them are a humorous (co-written) memoir of a fashion model’s rise to the top of her profession (being published by Amazon as both an e- and hard cover book in July, 2014); a combination cookbook/lifestyle memoir by a sixth generation Gullah, born and raised on a remote South Carolina sea island; an edit/rewrite of a book by a man who claims to be the firstborn son of the late Shah of Iran; a romantic/adventure novel, and a complete rewrite of a “supernatural romance” novel.


C. David Heymann


Clemens Claude Oscar Heymann was born in Manhattan on 14th January, 1945. A member of a German-Jewish family he earned a bachelor’s degree in hotel administration from Cornell University in 1966, followed by a master of fine arts from the University of Massachusetts in 1969.

Heymann then attended the State University of New York where he carried out a detailed study of Ezra Pound. During this period he used the Freedom of Information Act, to gain access to previously classified files from the Federal Bureau of Investigation documenting Pound’s pro-Fascist activities during theSecond World War. This material was used in his first published work, Ezra Pound, the Last Rower: A Political Profile (1976).

In 2009 Heymann published his most controversial book, Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story, in which Heymann argued that Jacqueline Kennedy had an affair with her brother-in-law Robert F. Kennedy after her husband’s assassination. This book received a great deal of criticism. Elaine Woo of the Los Angeles Times has argued: "Though some critics gave Heymann points for assiduous research and engrossing subject matter, others found major flaws, including his reliance on single sources giving accounts of important events they did not witness and on sources who could not be questioned because they were dead."Margalit Fox, writing in the New York Times, has pointed out: "Though some critics admired Mr. Heymann’s biographies for their comprehensiveness, others were far more caustic. Their concerns included his use of single rather than multiple sources in reconstructing historical events, and his reliance on hearsay accounts by people not directly involved in incidents he was describing."


John H. Davis 


John Hagy Davis (June 14, 1929 – January 29, 2012) was an American author who wrote several books on the mafia. 

Davis was the son of stockbroker John E. Davis and Maude Bouvier, younger sister of John Vernou Bouvier IIIand therefore first cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Lee Radziwill. He was a graduate of Princeton University. He also studied in Italy and served as a naval officer with the Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean. He is the author of several books about notable American families such as the Bouviers, the Guggenheims and the Kennedys.


Genie Tartell & Ted Kavanau


Here’s the fitness solution you’ve been waiting for: a workout designed to build strength, endurance and flexibility in a gentle way – right from your own bed. The series of forty-two exercises draw upon yoga, Pilates, karate, and stretching. The routines are easy to follow and grouped into three sections: exercises to be done lying on your back, sides, and stomach. Regular practice will tone muscles, increase strength and endurance, calm the mind, and, yes, even improve sleep. Each exercise is described in detail, fully-illustrated with step-by-step photographs, and accompanied by modifications for special conditions and limitations.

Genie Tartell, DC, RN, has been a practicing chiropractor for twenty years. She was the team chiropractor for the New York-based Reebok aerobic team and is the preferred chiropractor for Steps Dance Studio. Ted Kavanau is the founder and former top executive of CNN Headline News. He has multiple Emmys and other professional awards. 


Marvin Drager

The definitive work on this rare coronation, this book delves into the history, personalities, and subplots of each of the 11 Triple Crown champions. From Sir Barton in 1919 through Affirmed in 1978, each Triple Crown winner has exhibited a true personality and charisma befitting of super stardom and renowned author Marvin Drager's prose brings to life these 11 remarkable stories.The Most Glorious Crown is a unique and fascinating inspection of each champion, their jockeys, owners, and trainers, as well as a riveting account of each race and the events leading up to each historic event. This magnificent oversized book includes more than 150 archival, authentic black-and-white photographs of each thoroughbred throughout different stages of its career. It also includes actual racing forms from each race for the Triple Crown.

Marvin Drager ran a successful public relations firm in New York City and was previously a photo editor for the Associated Press. He also worked for the New York Post and contributed articles to national magazines. A native New Yorker, he resides in midtown Manhattan, graduated from St. Johns University, and received his Masters degree in English literature from Columbia University.


Harper Dimmerman


A seasoned attorney, professor and real estate expert, Harper J. Dimmerman, Esquire has demonstrated, time and time again, that he possesses the acumen, compassion and logic to deliver highly value-added legal representation; he has achieved superlative results in both the transactional and litigation contexts. Since the inception of his firm, he has been developing and cultivating critical relationships with other prominent firms and attorneys. The newly established consulting facet of his business, now affords him the opportunity to leverage these relationships for the benefit of sophisticated businesses seeking the most favorable legal results, in the most cost-effective manner. Both local organizations as well as national/international entities expanding into this region of the country, will realize the enormous benefit of having an attorney-consultant on their side of the table, if you will – an advocate well-versed in the law and the most cost-effective billing strategies.



James S. Gardner

Born in Albany, New York, Gardner moved to Florida in 1947. He attended the University of Kentucky and Florida Atlantic University where he received a BA degree and met his wife of 45 years, Barbara. They have one daughter Jennifer.

Gardner began to write "The Lion Killer" in part, to bring attention to what is happening to African countries, like Zimbabwe and the Sudan. "Zimbabwe was once called the bread basket of the Dark Continent and now it's reduced to a basket case. The unemployment rate is 94%. The annual inflation rate peaked at one billion percent per month until the currency finally collapsed. The AIDS pandemic has dropped the average Zimbabwean woman's life expectancy from 63 years to 37 in only 10 years."

Raised in Florida, where he continues to live, Gardner took his first trip to Africa in 1968. He landed in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in the midst of the Rhodesian Bush War, which proved to be disconcerting when he confused body bags for golf travel bags at an airport. Flying to Entebbe, Uganda in 1972 proved even more disturbing when a riot ensued because Idi Amin declared that all Indians must leave the country.


Marvin Davis


Having supervised the turnaround of over 100 US and international corporations, ranging from airlines to high tech barcode printers, Marv Davis is one of the most experienced corporate crisis managers in the world. He wrote Turnaround, the standard how-to manual on returning businesses to profitability, and he created the tape series The Profit Prescription. His most recent tape series is entitled The Turnaround Formula.

He has chaired the boards of Simplicity Patterns Corporation, Datamax Corporation, and Folger Adams Corporation. Marv has also served as director of numerous corporations including Petrowax Corporation, Reliacast Corp., Northwest Pipe Corporation, Crown Craft Corp., Fairlanes Corp. Cherokee Corp., and Canesco Corp. He serves on the international advisory board of Angus and Coote, Australia’s largest retail jewelry chain, as well as the advisory board of Viridian Partners and  Z Axis Corporation.

Most recently Marv acted as CRO in the bankruptcies of Johnston Industries a $250 mm textiles company and Pinnacle Towers, a $300 mm transmission tower REIT. Both cases were concluded successfully.

In addition to crisis management activities, Mr. Davis maintains an active due diligence practice assessing new acquisitions and advising investment-banking firms on the disposal of existing portfolio companies. Current and past clients include Adler & Shaykin, Interven Partners, Boston Ventures Group, Advent International Corp., Aurora Capital Partners, Polaris Capital, Plant Resource Venture Group, and Liberty Partners. Marv has also provided litigation support in a number of high profile cases as an expert witness.

Marv holds a BS degree in chemical engineering and a MBA from Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to joining GGG in 1983, he was Vice President of non-insurance operations for Sentry Insurance; CEO of Reed Industries; Executive Vice President and COO of Good Hope Industries, a $700 million integrated petroleum driller, refiner, and marketer; a group controller at Pfizer Pharmaceutical Corp.; and a product manager with Shell Oil Company.


Jeanne King


Though the sordid handiwork of mother-and-son grifter team Sante and Kenneth Kimes has gotten its share of ink Alice McQuillan's They Call Them Grifters appeared before the trial; Gary Indiana's new novel, Depraved Indifference (Forecasts, Nov. 19), was inspired by their crimes; and an account by Sante's other son, Kent Walker, is still in hardcover veteran Reuters journalist King, who has covered the duo's escapades since their arrest in 1998, chimes in with a sensationalist account of her own. Focusing on their trial for the murder of wealthy Manhattanite Irene Silverman, whose Upper East Side mansion they were trying to steal, King leapfrogs among exposition and biographical sketches, glitzy locales and courtrooms, exhaustively detailing the Kimeses' crimes (lying, passing bad checks, forgery, murder, fraud). Given the dynamics here the cons and petty thefts, the deeply pathological mother-son relationship, the intrigue over the Silverman murder the Kimeses' story provides the groundwork for engaging reportage. But reading King's account is about as enjoyable as stumbling into a snuff film. Mother Kimes is portrayed as so singularly manipulative and controlling that it becomes difficult to imagine her capable of duping anyone, while Kenny becomes a sympathetic second fiddle, even though he's the trigger man. Rife with blunt sensationalism, rudimentary police procedural and unsupported claims (the accusation of incest, for example), the book is an ugly tale of common grifters with uncommon talent. Agent, Mimi Strong.